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Only $154.4M – cost per one dead enemy!

peaceUsing the Pentagon estimate of 19,429 militants and insurgents killed in Iraq, the cost-per-death is a whopping $154.4 million.  Even the most rabid war supporter will agree that’s a bit pricey for one dead enemy.

If the goal of warfare is to kill or wound the enemy, our cost per enemy casualty is equally so.  

The math is clear.  War costs too much and yields no discernible benefit that couldn’t have been better achieved by peaceful alternatives.  Period.      To read more, click on LINK

Today is November 4th 2008 and America will elect a new President to bring about a real positive change…  I can only hope that America will now re-evaluate its role in the world, and find a better way to deliver a message of freedom…    There is a better way!

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November 4, 2008 at 5:14 pm

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