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The Scotts Company discriminating against smokers!

smoker1Tobacco Users – DON’T BUY The Scotts Company Products!

Being un-employed, I spend a great deal of time applying for work. This week I ran across an open position with The Scotts Company.  They market and distribute lawn fertilizers.  Some environmentalists would have great issues with these products… but they have rights under our laws that allow them to market these products.. The on-line application process, after entering some basic stuff leads you to their Anti-Smoking Policy Agreement.

As a tobacco-free Company, COMPANY NAME policy is to not hire candidates who use tobacco. Are you a tobacco user?

(Please note: Nicotine testing is included as part of our pre-hire screening process. The use of nicotine replacement therapies may result in a positive test result which will disqualify candidates from employment consideration.)


I was shocked!  This company that markets potentially lethal products is bold faced discriminating!  This policy applies 24/7.  You are not compensated 24/7!  I  researched for additional information to see who else is doing this. It turns out the Scotts Company is a trend setter…   It appears they are doing this as a means to reduce their health-care benefits cost.  So how far do they intend to take such actions…  Being overweight, being pregnant, engaging in sports, and I could go on forever… can all negatively impact health-care cost. 

Tobacco use is legal if one is over age 18.  I believe that the Scotts Company is discriminating against qualified candidates for jobs and is not an equal opportunity employer.   Please join me in spreading the word and not purchasing their products! 

Investigation Concerning Termination of Smokers And/Or Charging Smokers Higher Healthcare or Disability Premiums   (link)

In 30 states and the District of Columbia, state law makes it illegal for companies to impose smoking bans on their employees when they are off duty. In addition, the federal employee benefits law, ERISA, prevents employers from discriminating against and/or firing employees, here smokers, to interfere with the attainment of any right under a benefit plan, here the right to health benefits.

Recently, a number of companies, including Weyco and The Scotts Company, have instituted policies to terminate smokers, even if those persons do not smoke at work. The reason cited by companies such as Weyco and Scotts, for adoption of these policies is increased healthcare costs. Click here for more examples. Both liberal and conservative civil liberties groups have denounced these policies as an improper invasion of employee’s rights to conduct activities on their off hours.  READ MORE

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Unemployed – You are not alone!

daddyunemploymentline230x15The Labor Department said last week that employers cut a net total of 533,000 jobs in November, and the unemployment rate reached 6.7 percent, a 15-year high.  The latest jobless claims figures indicate that the December report could be just as bad or worse.  Companies have eliminated a net total of 1.9 million jobs this year, and some economists project the total could reach 3 million by the spring of 2010.  The number of people continuing to claim jobless benefits also jumped, increasing by 338,000 to 4.4 million.

Knowing there must be several million or so in this situation, myself included, I thought I should find something bright and encouraging  to include on the subject…   I came across a great cartoon site that will inspire confidence and faith (NOT), but is good for a laugh, and laughter is good at such at time – yes!   I encourage all to visit Odd Todd.   He has several great cartoon episodes on the subject.   LINK

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December 12, 2008 at 5:56 am