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Don’t believe the Lies – Ask a Canadian!

If you don’t believe this video either, just start calling Canadian folks!   They do have telephones, and I’m sure you can google up some phone numbers…   They will be happy to tell you how they feel about their Single Payer  Healthcare system!   Make sure to also ask if they would prefer our, “for-profit”  American system! 


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Day of the Dead

By Cindy Sheehan

Single Payer News… Thank You Steney Hoyer!

Steny_HoyerPlease take a minute of your time to call and  e-mail Majority Leader Steney Hoyer to say   THANK  YOU   for him saying that Single Payer should be “on the table” …  

Phone: 202-225-3130 // e-mail  (link)

SINGLE PAYER – Is in a DO or DIE position!

“The pace is quickening.” – Rep. John Conyers, Jr  


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President Obama & Senator Baucus – Wake Up!

And you say Single Payer health reform bills are off the table?    Wake-up!    Are you so removed from what is going on in this country that you can continue down the mis-guided path of subsidizing the for-profit health insurance industry with our tax dollars, and then call it reform …   In God’s name what are you people thinking?    The insurance industry does not provide “anything” for the patient or the health-care provider!   They make money by denying care!   The voting majority in this counrty knows that now, why don’t you?

Take a few minutes and watch this 60 minutes piece.   How can you believe that throwing away our tax dollars at an industry that does “nothing” will help?

Nevada budget cuts due to financial crisis are murdering cancer patients across the state.

Do you need an Affordable Health Plan?

Afghanistan & Pakistan – A clear and focused goal?

What would YOU ask Congress?

At a time when our country faces a credibility crisis around the world, record casualties in Afghanistan, and an economic meltdown at home, oversight hearings are needed now more than ever. The government must examine how foreign policy is being executed in Afghanistan and Pakistan, while helping to alleviate our financial strains.   Read & See More

Imagine Peace

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National March on Wall St – April 3rd & 4th

Some folks are really pissed off and have had enough of the Bullshit…  ! Washington, Wall Street, and Corporate America better wake up…  The once silent population is now awake!   What we do, or fail to do as citizens will hopefully define a new sense of urgency and integrity in whose interest shall be represented… !?!?

Do Something – Let your representatives know that they need to represent the “you”, not Corporate America & Wall Street!  Can you say TERM LIMITS?    Call or write now!   (LINK)

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Do You Need Real & Affordable Health Coverage?

healthinsurance-pillsIf you live in the United States, then most assuredly the answer to this question is YES!   There are over 47 million without and those that do have insurance find getting treated for anything other than the common cold, is not affordable.   An emergency room visit for stomach craps can cost you $10,000.   It did me!   My youngest child was in an serious auto accident at age 16.  The accident was not uncommon, or were her injuries.  They were however serious and required many reconstructive surgeries to make her as whole as could be.  The cost exceeded $1.2 million dollars!   It is no wonder that there is a family filing  for bankruptsy every 30 seconds due to medical bills!

I am not trying to gain your sympathy with my story, there are many thousands of such stories…   I do want to tell you how you can get REAL health coverge at a price that you can afford!   First please take just a few minutes and watch the video below to see if the plan meets your needs.


If you think that this plan is right for you and your family, then all you have to do is contact (call or e-mail) all your representative’s (LINK) and tell them you support HR676 and they should too!   Now you can call President Oboma at the White House (202-456-1414 or  202- 456-1111) and tell him the same!  Now get 10 friends or strangers to do the same, and ask that they too get 10 friends…   If you need help or need additional information & material’s regarding HR676, that too is available at Healthcare-Now or the Physicians for a National Health Program can help as well.

This is the only solution that is now on the table that will work!  It will work for you and the country!   The plan is not perfect, but it is the BEST solution that is on the table!  So if you want real health-care at an affordable price, then please don’t wait – take action NOW!

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