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Join National Nurses for Single-Payer !

CNAbannerJoin National Nurses for Single-Payer
Healthcare for Everyone in America!

National Nurses Week: May 11-15, 2009


FAX THE SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Protest the exclusion of RNs and DEMAND a real policy debate in a future hearing, including single-payer experts!


LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE FOR THE SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Call the Health Justice hotline to have  a message delivered directly to your Senator. When you call this number 1-800-578-4171, state where you live and that you want a single-payer expert in the Senate Finance Committee Roundtable on May 12th.  The messages will be delivered as voice messages but will also be transcribed and delivered by fax on monday.  Call NOW! 1-800-578-4171.

Dear Single-Payer Friends:
It’s National Nurses Week and there are many single-payer festivities in Washington DC.   Help us celebrate the leading role nurses play in the single-payer movement by joining us in Washington DC and / or making a call to get single-payer experts into the Senate Finance Committee Roundtable discussion!
This Tuesday, May 12, the Senate Finance Subcommittee is holding its final roundtable on healthcare reform. The California Nurses Association / National Nurses Organizing Commmittee has issued a request to include Roseann Demoro, Executive Director of CNA / NNOC and longtime leader in the single-payer movement. PNHP has formally submitted the names of two outstanding physicians, Drs. Marcia Angell and Steffie Woolhandler, to testify as expert witnesses. These voices must be heard.  Nurses and doctors are on the front lines of our broken health care system, and they should be the first in line to testify on health reform. 
As you probably heard, at the last Senate Finance Committee hearing, physicians and single-payer advocates stood one-by-one to ask to have a seat at the table.  The Senators laughed and had each one arrested.  We need to end the exclusion of the only plan that will be truly universal and contain costs. Our health depends on it.
Here is what you can do: Single-Payer New York met with Senator Schumer, member of the Senate Finance Committee, on Friday evening.  He agreed to ask Chairman Baucus to include a single-payer expert if we can get another Senator on the committee to join him.  If you are a constituent of the following Senators, you can call and ask them to join Senator Schumer [NY] of the Senate Finance Committee to ask Senator Baucus to include a single-payer expert in Tuesday’s Hearing:
Stabenow [MI] – Washington DC office 202-224-4822
Kerry [MA] – Washington DC office (202) 224-2742
Rockefeller [WV] – Washington DC office (202) 224-6472
See a full list of Senate Finance Committee members here!
If you are not a constituent of Senators on the Finance Committee, please call Sen. Baucus’ office in Washington and urge him to extend the invitations at (202) 224-2651, or fax him at (202) 224-9412.
Thank you for your support at this critical time in our nation’s health!
Healthcare Justice for Everyone in America!
California Nurses Association
National Nurses Organizing Committee
2000 Franklin Street
Oakland, CA 94612

~ Please HELP, your heath depends upon it! ~


America’s RN Union Targets Congressional Healthcare Leaders

America’s RN Union Targets Congressional Healthcare Leaders in New Ad Drive


Nurse Blog Ads Demand Congress Protect Patients with Single-Payer Reform. The National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association (NNOC/CNA), the nation’s largest RN union and professional association, today announces a national online advertising campaign beginning this week that calls on key Congressional leaders to protect the public –  not the profit motives of the insurance industry – through a system of guaranteed, single-payer healthcare reform.  The ads are also sponsored by the Massachusetts Nurses Association.


Read the release (LINK)    Visit The California Nurses Association Web Site (LINK)

Posted as a courtesy to the California Nurses Association – Please HELP!

Do you need an Affordable Health Plan?  ~

The Mitch Who Stole Christmas!

grinch_mitch_tree_300“The Mitch tried to steal Christmas from auto workers, their families, and their communities, It was the auto workers today, but tomorrow it will be other working people’s wages and benefits,” said Geri Jenkins, RN, a co-president of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee – composed of 85,000 nurses in all 50 states.
“Wall Street CEOs like Martin Sullivan of AIG get their bailouts with no strings attached.  Sullivan earned $21,000 an HOUR last year, while American workers and families are facing economic calamity. Yet, Sen. McConnell and some of his Republican colleagues want to place further hardships on working people and their families, after eight years of devastating erosion of living conditions and health security.”

Further, notes CNA/NNOC Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro, McConnell and company have made clear that they view the demands for massive concessions by the UAW as just a first step in an all-out attack on unions and union members. An e-mail message circulated among Senate Republicans declared that denying the auto industry a loan was an opportunity for Republicans to “take their first shot against organized labor.”

“The voices of labor will not be silenced.  Not about our jobs, our healthcare, our respect, our dignity.  Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s shameful attacks on organized labor will not be ignored,” said DeMoro.

“Years of eroding living standards and health security for American workers are apparently not enough for McConnell. These types of attacks on the working people who built this country are disgraceful all year but especially during the holidays. And, not surprisingly, his actions directly led to at least temporary layoffs for thousands of workers.  Sen. McConnell can now add another title to his resume: The Mitch Who Stole Christmas.

“Please join us in our fight to save these jobs and these families.  Go online to send a message to the Mitch.  Tell him to either find some Christmas cheer or a new line of work,” DeMoro said. 
The campaign can be found HERE. It invites people to send a message to McConnell, and sign up for public protests and other actions to protect American working families. 

It only takes a few minutes to voice your opinion, please consider doing so!

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