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Single Payer News… Thank You Steney Hoyer!

Steny_HoyerPlease take a minute of your time to call and  e-mail Majority Leader Steney Hoyer to say   THANK  YOU   for him saying that Single Payer should be “on the table” …  

Phone: 202-225-3130 // e-mail  (link)

SINGLE PAYER – Is in a DO or DIE position!

“The pace is quickening.” – Rep. John Conyers, Jr  


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Senator Max Baucus, just another DC Pimp!


Max Baucus is the Democrat Montana Senator known for passing George W. Bush’s tax cuts in 2001. He was rewarded with a prime spot at the signing ceremony in the White House…   This really helped the Middle Class.    NOT!

Two years later, it was Max Baucus who helped Republicans pass a pharmaceutical-industry-friendly Medicare prescription-drug bill!  This bill allowed the pharma industry to rape all the seniors, our tax dollars and sent pharma’s profits through the ceiling…

Many in his party were shocked about Baucus position at the helm of the Senate Finance Committee. The legislative man-in-charge for just about everything that Barack Obama hopes to accomplish; from healthcare reform, rewriting the tax code, to global warming…  Should anyone be surprised?  Max is right up there up with his “republican colleagues” in stealing from the poor and middle class to aid the ultra rich…

So it should not be a surprise to anyone including President Obama when healthcare reform becomes another shining example of the same.  The health insurance and pharma industries will be laughing all the way to the banks!

Healthcare and banking bailouts with your tax dollars!

Just where is our democrocy?



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Actor Mike Farrell at Capitol Hill Rally for Single Payer Healthcare!

Not only was Mike Farrel in Washington at the Capital Hill rally today, he also appeared on the MSNBC // Ed Show.  If you have the time – Ed & Mike are great, watch the video… (link)     Mike Farrel is advocating for a Single Payer Healthcare system.

Your support is needed!  Please HELPaction_button

Call or Fax  Senator Max Baucus and tell him that SINGLE PAYER is indeed on the table &  let him know how much you “respect” his performance!   Phone: (202) 224-2651 (Office)   //  (202) 224-9412 (Fax)

And one more – Call President Obama at the White House, the Senator’s boss in this matter and tell him that the Senator respects us!  Also tell him Single Payer is not for later, the time is NOW!  //  (202-456-1414 or  202- 456-1111)

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Healthcare Reform – This is political theater!

hospitalmoneyGet Them Out: Rotten Apples in Congressional Witness Bushel on Health Reform

May 4, 2009 by Healthcare-NOW // By Donna Smith

Many know by now that a single payer healthcare system is the type of reform most widely supported by the American people and a majority of nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals. Many also know that Congress has so far deftly and purposely shunned most expert witnesses who would offer evidence in favor of that publicly funded, privately delivered system. The media has also done its part to keep the message targeted away from single payer as recent independent studies showed how the mainstream media did its level best to keep big insurance and pharmaceutical advertisers happy by not reporting fairly on the topic.

Congress isn’t alone in its shading the discussion nor is the media. Both followed President Obama’s lead as he locked out the single payer voice from the first White House forum on health reform until the phone lines jammed with reports of planned protests by nurses in scrubs and white-coated docs marching outside the gates of the executive mansion while the industry “stakeholders” and the elected officials they support so mightily met inside at the invitation of Mr. Obama.

We might expect the fawning and fainting with glee over the cooperation between the usual suspects in this health reform period. With the most power-challenging and boat-rocking alternative kept out of the picture for now, those who profit most under a for-profit insurance based reform would be expected to act as if they have previously been enemies but are now ever so generously working together.

This is political theater staged by those with lots and lots of money in the game, and it is a fight for human rights being waged outside that political theater by those of us with lots and lots of real skin in the game. Millions of Americans have lost loved ones and homes and careers and good health and credit ratings to this travesty of a system, and none of the plans currently being “vetted” by this Congress or this President do much to mitigate that at all. It is a classic struggle of epic proportions.  (read the whole story)    


 Your HELP is needed..  Put a STOP to this!


Now call, write or e-mail your representatives and tell them they need to support Single Payer  HR676.    LINK

Then call President Obama at the White House (202-456-1414 or  202- 456-1111) and tell him Single Payer is not for later, the time is NOW!

~ See what you get with Single Payer! ~

Nancy Pelosi – Who do you work for?

nancy-pelosiNancy Pelosi comments during a Christian Science Monitor event April 22nd regarding Single Payer Health Reform… 

“As our members came back from their recess, a great deal of what they heard out there was public options, public options, public options, public options. In our caucus, over and over again, we hear single payer, single payer, single payer. Well, it’s not going to be a single payer.”   (Read the whole story)

This is our congressional leadership demonstrating just how determined she and other key players are in keeping single payer off the table, and the health insurance industry; healthy, wealthy and wise – with your premiums and tax dollars!

Who does Nancy Pelosi represent?   Click on the photo below and see!


~You can HELP to change this!

As economy plummets, child abuse escalates?

emergencyChild Abuse Escalates as Parents Face Overwhelming Economic Stress

Sometimes it’s an overwhelming sense of stress on the parents’ part.  Sometimes it’s the overwhelming press of poverty.  And sometimes it’s the overwhelming sense of hopelessness compounded by the absence of humility enough to ask for help.  It doesn’t really matter what the overwhelming emotion, medical records are proving that, as adults are becoming more deeply engulfed by the ravages of the economic recession, the very youngest members of the family are paying dearly.

As the nation’s economy has plummeted, child abuse has escalated…

– Unfortunately, as the recession lingers, the numbers are increasing everywhere.
– It’s not just hospitals noticing this heartbreaking trend; of 607 sheriffs, chiefs of police, and district attorneys responding to a nationwide poll, 88% of them acknowledged an expectation of increased child abuse cases in their jurisdictions.

– the agencies overseeing these protective measures are becoming underfunded even as their case load is skyrocketing.   (Read the whole story)

You can help  Have you ever considered becoming a Foster Parent?  Learn about it  HERE !

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AIG in the news again! ~ Claim Denied ~

AIG  takes a break from destroying world economy to deny claims for wounded Iraq defence contractors.   

Unfortunately this protocol is not exclusive to AIG.  This is health insurance industry standard operating procedure!   To be quite honest, I am shocked that the prime time 20/20 media reported this.  Their protocol has been to white wash or ignore the health insurance industry practices of profiteering.  After all they and pharma provide enormous ad dollars.  I guess the AIG -ad budget has been slashed…  

Learn how you can help change this picture.  Your help is needed NOW!  Visit The Physicians for a National Health Program &  Healthcare-Now to see how you can make a difference!

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