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My Friend’s – Senator McCain you are NOT my friend !

 A message to Senator McCain – Please understand that your continued use of the phrase “My Friend’s” turns my stomach!   You are NOT my friend!    I would venture to guess that if you didn’t hold your current position and you didn’t have your wife’s money, that you just might  realize how friendless you are!  You are rude, conceited and arrogant!    I would hope that when I am in my 70’s that I will have gained some wisdom from my experience and mistakes.   You don’t display any wisdom!  You are in fact a scary individual…   Some folks know when to quit.  You on the other hand, if you persist on your current path will go into the history books along side your “good friend” George.   Maybe your only friend!    Ones time on this planet in the big picture is far less than a blink of the eye when you put it into the perspective of eternity.  One actions during this time are accounted for, be it from the Christian perspective of the Devine law, or from the Buddhist teachings of karma, one will reap what they sow!   Senator McCain, you don’t have any friends!  My advise to you is to reflect upon what you have done well and not so well, find some peace winthin.   You are an old foolish man and should full take advantage of the little time you have left…   Go fishing, enjoy the grandchildren, spend some time with your lovely rich wife, and take a cruise…   Senator McCain, you don’t have any friends!    PLEASE quit saying “My Friend’s” !  It makes me sick!


Written by jointefforthost

October 9, 2008 at 7:50 pm

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