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Frost Nixon Interview – Do you Remember?

Since I am un-employed these days (a lot  us of are) I have the luxury of flexibility in my day!   Today I went to the theater for a mid day showing of  FROST / NIXON.  This is not a movie review, however, I would recommend it!   What startled me the most was that it was so reminiscent of the last eight years of George Bush’s Presidential term.  Nixon was forced into resigning, where as George was allowed to let his term expire.  In so far as the significance of crimes committed against the Constitution, of Dick versus George… I would suggest that George’s alleged crimes are ,to a far greater extent!   I can only hope that the current President will not do as Gerald Ford did, by granting a pardon to George and his administration for their alleged crimes.  I do think it is now important to move forward, but I also feel that no President is above the law and should be as accountable, as you or I. 

If you have’t seen the movie yet, do so, see what you think?!?

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Jobless Numbers for 2008: 2.6 Million!

That is the largest number since 1945.   The Bush administration indicates that they have taken broad and decisive action!   But, it will take time to have effect.   Yes, I would concur that they took decisive action, the numbers are still climbing in 2009.   The current unemployment rate is now 7.2%, the highest since Geoerge Bush Sr ran the show…  

 Good job George(s)! 

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Ron Paul: Why Do We Run A World Empire!

Ron Paul is one smart man!   I only wish that he could figure out a way to get people to listen to what he has to say…  Perhaps his message is the truth, and we all know that the truth hurts!   So let us all avoid the pain and continue to refer to this very smart man as an outspoken crackpot!?!

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US plans for Iraq withdrawal – NOT ?

This should indeed prove to be interesting over the next few months.  Which will it be; 16 months, 3 years, or never?    Gee -we have this huge debate over bailing out the US auto companies for $13 billion, but spending another$10 billion a month in Iraq, not a problem…?   Maybe the banks that took that took the $350 billion could fund the Iraq war for the next 3 years!   They sure haven’t shared any of it towards  helping the US economy…  The BIG picture these days is hard to see!   We don’t seem to have a plan?    A ship at sea without anyone at the wheel… We have elected fools and thief’s for our leaders, so expecting much else is just not in the cards…   OK, I’ll get off my soap box now!

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December 20, 2008 at 3:06 am