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Day of the Dead

By Cindy Sheehan

663,000 Jobs Vanished in March – Total exceeds 5 Million

Between January and March more than two million jobs were lost, according to the Labor Department.   See the whole picture for March 2009 – (LINK)

A short video of one familys plight in Spokane is representative of many of the five million unemployed.   Friday, their home was to be sold at auction. 

What can you do?  You can do as these two young girls did; write, call, fax and scream at your representative’s and tell them you have had enough!   They need to represent you, not the corporate lobbyist, not Wall St, not the hedge fund managers, not the banks… YOU


Locate your represenative – Link   To call President Oboma at the White House (202-456-1414 or  202- 456-1111)

 Can you say TERM LIMITS ?

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Americans have had enough – Taking back the Economy!

On March 19, 2009 Americans in cities nationwide will hold demonstrations at the offices of major banks and other corporations to demand more responsible corporate behavior and call on Congress to enact the change that will make it happen employee free choice and healthcare reform.

Read more, see details for your state!

bribesDo our “elected” lawmaker’s  have the political will to do anything?  Talk is cheap and that’s all we hear…  I use the term elected loosely since it is grossly apparent that the influential corporate contributions received by many make it impossible for them to act… 

Can you say TERM LIMITS?

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Reaganomics – good bye, so long, don’t come back!

reaganContrary to the on-going lie perpetuated by Republicans NONE of the past three GOP presidents; Reagan, Bush Sr. or Bush Jr. – were fiscal conservatives.  In fact, their hero Reagan not only didn’t care about the deficit, he exploded government spending with a military spending spree for all that lasted nearly a decade…    So now we all know the dollars never trickled down, let us now see if they will trickle up?!?

A Bold Plan Sweeps Away Reagan Ideas  / By David Leonhardt / New York Times

The budget that President Obama proposed on Thursday is nothing less than an attempt to end a three-decade era of economic policy dominated by the ideas of Ronald Reagan and his supporters.

The Obama budget — a bold, even radical departure from recent history, wrapped in bureaucratic formality and statistical tables — would sharply raise taxes on the rich, beyond where Bill Clinton had raised them. It would reduce taxes for everyone else, to a lower point than they were under either Mr. Clinton or George W. Bush. And it would lay the groundwork for sweeping changes in health care and education, among other areas.

More than anything else, the proposals seek to reverse the rapid increase in economic inequality over the last 30 years. They do so first by rewriting the tax code and, over the longer term, by trying to solve some big causes of the middle-class income slowdown, like high medical costs and slowing educational gains.   (Read the whole story)

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Unemployed – Just another day in the neighborhood!

The story is everywhere, in every neighborhood… I don’t think that most can wait on the stimulus package to help…   The average American is 3 paychecks away from being broke!

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Conyers to Rove: Time to Talk About US Attorneys

karlgeorgeJanuary 27th, 2009 6:56 am
Conyers to Rove: Time to Talk About US Attorneys  –  By Zachary Roth / TPM Muckraker

Last week, we talked to a number of experts who said that President Obama’s executive order on presidential records might well affect the ongoing effort to get information about the Bush White House’s role in the US Attorney firings.

And it looks like John Conyers is of the same mind. The House Judiciary chair this afternoon issued a subpoena to Karl Rove to testify before the committee on February 2.

Rove had claimed immunity from an earlier Conyers-issued subpoena, citing executive privilege. (The case is currently on appeal.) As a press release accompanying today’s subpoena points out, “[t]hat “absolute immunity” position was supported by then-President Bush, but it has been rejected by U.S. District Judge John Bates and President Obama has previously dismissed the claim as ‘completely misguided.'”

In other words, although Obama’s order on records directly addressed only the question of a former president’s material docuement — not testimony from his aides — there’s reason to think that the principle of openness over secrecy that Obama has outlined both in the order and elsewhere could strengthen Conyers’ position on this issue.

Said Conyers:

“I have said many times that I will carry this investigation forward to its conclusion, whether in Congress or in court, and today’s action is an important step along the way. Change has come to Washington, and I hope Karl Rove is ready for it. After two years of stonewalling, it’s time for him to talk.”

We’ll be watching this very closely…

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January 28, 2009 at 12:28 am

Un-employed – Check out Career Day with Todd

If you haven’t been exposed yet to Odd Todd, may I suggest that you visit his web-site.   (LINK)   Todd has done exceptional job of identifying the self-esteem, motivation, and psychological issues that one encounters when laid off , out of work and unable to find work…    As it turns out the real Todd, creating these comics (while unemployed) and posting them on his web-site has gained quite a following!  Likely a lot of un-employed folks (myself included) that too much time, and get distracted from sending out resumes and the like… 

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