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Odd Todd on – Laid Off Help Wanted!

If you are not familiar with Odd Todd and you have been Laid Off  then I suggest you visit Todd’s web site (LINK).  No, this won’t help you find a job, but it will open up your creative thinking skills!  Todd has created some seriously funny cartoons about being unemployed.  And, there are a lot of us that need a good laugh about this situation!

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Un-employed – Check out Career Day with Todd

If you haven’t been exposed yet to Odd Todd, may I suggest that you visit his web-site.   (LINK)   Todd has done exceptional job of identifying the self-esteem, motivation, and psychological issues that one encounters when laid off , out of work and unable to find work…    As it turns out the real Todd, creating these comics (while unemployed) and posting them on his web-site has gained quite a following!  Likely a lot of un-employed folks (myself included) that too much time, and get distracted from sending out resumes and the like… 

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