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They Play While you Pay!

It’s that time of year again when employee’s get to choose their new health care plans for 2009.   That would be if you are still employed, or if your employer still offers a health plan…   And as a matter of routine you can expect cost increases, deductible increases, and benefit decreases.   I would venture to guess that if you received a pay increase in 2008 that it won’t cover “these” increases in your healthcare cost alone.   So if you expect to buy food and gas in 2009, I would suggest getting a second or third job…   Or maybe you can go to CEO school or win the lottery?!

Link to Guaranteed Health Care – CLICK HERE

If you don’t know about HR676, please educate yourself NOW!   This house bill without pork attached is what the US needs to bring its delivery of heathcare ranking up beyond our existing third world status!  Check out the Physicain’s for a National Health Plan and Healthcare-Now web sites, under my Favorite Sites menu.  Let us all make a real CHANGE that will actually benefit us! 


Written by jointefforthost

October 28, 2008 at 4:35 pm