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Jobs, Careers & Opportunities – Act NOW!

Employee Free Choice Act – Act NOW!

America’s workers are putting in more hours than ever and still struggling to make ends meet, if they still have a job.  Meanwhile, corporate CEOs are still enjoying salaries 180 times higher than their average employees.

The Employee Free Choice Act can help restore the American Dream by making it easier for workers to form unions. Support this bill and help to reach one million signatures!  Sign ThePetition HERE 


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March 30, 2009: The Obama Day in 100 Seconds


As President Obama heads to Europe for a week, he leaves Congress with a full agenda including consideration of his healthcare agenda, the budget and the auto industry.  You want to  bet, they take the week off!  We can only hope that when in Europe this week he might take another look into some of the European Single Payer Health Plans and how they too can work here…  With the global economy and unemployment being at issue, the one thing the unemployed Europeans don’t have to worry about is the affordability of getting sick!

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Members of Congress Offer Prescription for GM Competitive Disadvantage

rxFeb 20,2009 Healthcare-Now  –  Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and two other Members of Congress today sent a letter to the CEO of General Motors, Mr. Richard Wagoner, Jr., to propose a different kind of auto industry rescue plan that eliminates the competitive disadvantage of inflated health care costs.

As health care costs continue to spiral out of control, the brunt is borne in large part by employers that provide health care. General Motors and other U.S.automakers have significantly higher health care costs than their international competitors — as much as $1400 per car. In the letter, Members of Congress point out that the adoption of H.R. 676, the United States National Health Care Act, would level the playing field and stimulate the economy.

Under H.R. 676, all American residents would receive a National Health Insurance card. The card would be good for health care services at all health care facilities across the country in the National Health Insurance system. Families would be able to choose any licensed doctor and any hospital. There would be no premium, deductible or co-payment. No one would receive a bill for any medically necessary health care services, and by eliminating inefficiencies, the plan would cost the same amount of money that is now spent on health care.

Representatives Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and John Conyers (D-MI) also signed the letter.

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Help Wanted – 2.6 Million Jobs Possible!

Single Payer Healthcare is the only viable solution to our healthcare crisis. Recent study shows single payer coverage will generate 2.6 million jobs – roughly the same number of jobs lost in 2008….


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Many states are running out of un-employment funds!

Not only are the job losses at the highest level since 1945, now many states are running out of re-serves to pay unemployment insurance.  The U.S. Department of Labor recommends that states maintain a balance to sufficiently cover benefits for one year during a typical recession.  According to the National Conference of State Legislators, five states have Unemployment Trust Fund accounts re-serves of less than three months to cover benefits.  Another eight states have reserves of less than six months, and six states have less than a year in reserve.

George and company left things in quite a mess…  Thanks George – I hope history remembers you, as I will   *@!?…

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The Single-Payer Job Recovery Plan


Additional graphs – (LINK)

First-of-Its-Kind Study Released

Medicare for All (Single Payer) Reform Would Be Major Stimulus for Economy with 2.6 Million New Jobs, $317 Billion in Business Revenue, $100 Billion in Wages. The number of jobs created by a single payer system, expanding and upgrading Medicare to cover everyone, parallels almost exactly the total job loss in 2008, according to the findings of a groundbreaking study released today.

Read the complete press release at California Nurses Association (LINK)

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Looking for Love? Look at the Car!

ford-saleen-s72Will this Valentine’s Day have you looking for love? Maybe you just want to know more about your mate. Not only does the type of vehicle we drive say a lot about us, but so does the color. New research actually shows what kind of car you should look for to find the mate you’re looking for.   What Your Car or Truck Says About You ? 

Just because you might be in love with the Porsche 911 doesn’t mean you should be attracted to the driver. Its buyers are 86.8% male with the average age of 51. They make a lot of money and often give themselves big rewards for personal successes.

This might be good news if you’re not in the market for a soul mate. In that case, go ahead and drive something fast and sexy. For speed daters, a sports car is the way to go.

If you are looking to attract a woman, you may want to steer clear of women driving an SUV. Nearly 80% of all female SUV buyers are married.

If marriage is what you’re looking for, you may want to give off a mature, financially-responsible, and ready-to-settle-down vibe. Drive a hybrid. Save money, look modern, and score points for going green.

Not all cars or trucks were studied, but some psychologists think you can learn something from any vehicle.

Black cars denote an aggressive personality or someone who’s an outsider or rebel.
Silver cars indicate someone who’s cool, calm and slightly aloof.
Green cars can often be chosen by people with hysterical tendencies.
Yellow cars signify someone who is idealistic and novelty loving.
Blue cars are chosen by the more introspective, reflective and cautious driver.
Gray cars represent those who are calm, sober and dedicated to their work.
Red cars denote those who are full of zest, energy and drive and who think, move and talk quickly.
Pink cars are chosen by gentle, loving and affectionate drivers.
White cars represent status-seeking extrovert drivers.
Cream cars are the least likely to be involved in accidents and denote self-contained and controlled owners.

These are all generalizations, and many people say their car color does not reflect their personality. But it might just be worth thinking about if you’re thinking about love.
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