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Obama Admits US Can’t Insure All Americans Without Single Payer

50 US citizens died today!  50 more will die tomorrow!  And 50 more the next day…!   LINK

US Can’t Insure All Americans Without Single Payer

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Obama devoted most of his recent White House news conference to defend his push for healthcare reform. He acknowledged the US won’t be able to provide healthcare insurance to every American without adopting single payer, which his administration has opposed.     Watch the video – LINK


Call President Obama at the White House (202-456-1414 or  202- 456-1111)   You can also remind him he said, “everyone would have a seat at the table”, tell him Single Payer is not for later, the time is NOW! 

Visit the Healthcare-Now ,  the Physicians for a National Health Program  and Health-Justice web sites to learn more!

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