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Tell Congress – Throw the Money Changers Out of the Temple

TV MOYERS NOWBill Moyers’ PBS show featured Wendell Potter, the insurance executive whose conscience bothered him so much he is now telling the truth about the insurance industry’s rape of American health care.  Nothing Mr. Potter says is news, but he tells a story that Congress needs to hear again and again: insurance companies take our money just to deny us our health care, and they pay off Washington insiders to keep them in business.


Bill Moyers’ essay from that show exposes the shameless way that your Senators and Representatives have conducted your business behind closed doors, doing the bidding of lobbyists for powerful industries.  Remind your legislators that you are watching and that some day you and your neighboring voters will have had a bellyful of Washington insiders who inhabit the temple infested by the moneychangers.  Tell them the day of reckoning is coming.  Tell them that one day soon, the moneychangers and their sycophantic dependents will be driven from the temple.  Tell them: Congressman, Senator,  this means YOU.

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