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Archive for July 6th, 2009

Fax Senator Grassley – Arrogant Ass

50 US citizens died today!  50 more will die tomorrow!  And 50 more the next day…  LINK

Tell Him Off For His Arrogance

When a constituent asked Iowa Sen. Charles “Chuck” Grassley why he couldn’t have health care as good as Grassley receives, the senator arrogantly replied that the man could have such a deal — ‘just get a job with the federal government’ said the Senator.

health justice

What an arrogant jerk!  And remember, this is the best buddy of Baucus.  This is the Republican that Baucus has in mind when he says he wants a ‘bipartisan’ solution.  If this attitude doesn’t betray the fakery behind the insurance company bailout called health ‘reform’  then I don’t know what will.

Blast Baucus and Grassley and the White House with faxes telling Grassley off for his arrogance.  If you are from Iowa, let him know that you have him in your sights and you will vote him out of office when you can.  If you are not from Iowa, let him know that you still regard him as a shameful example of the slugs that have inherited power in Washington.

Be aware.  This fax template is NOT POLITE.  If you want polite, and think polite works, this one is not for you.  You can edit it, but it’s hard to tell off a jerk in polite terms, especially if you are mad.   Polite and begging don’t much work anymore…

Send your fax to Grassley today. LINK