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NBC airs Rick Scotts phony infomercial

Yesterday, a group of DC residents delivered 68,000 petitions to the NBC studios in Washington, demanding Rick Scott’s phony infomercial be pulled. You should have seen the look on the producer’s face when she saw the boxes of signatures waiting for her in the lobby.

Despite the objections from thousands of viewers, NBC went ahead and aired Rick Scott’s 30-minute attack ad against health care reform. And, just as we had warned, it was filled with shameful and misleading distortions.

It’s going to be up to us to push back on Rick Scott with the truth about President Obama’s plan to fix health care. This Saturday, thousands of Americans will be hosting health care organizing kickoffs in their communities.

Will you take part?  This is a critical opportunity to tell the real story of President Obama’s plan for health care reform:

After 80 years, we finally have the solution to this health care crisis in our sights. Getting there is going to require an all-out sprint to the finish line that starts right now. Let’s show opponents like Rick Scott that no amount of expensive television ads can stop us from winning quality, affordable health care for every American. 

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