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Archive for May 22nd, 2009

Friday May 22nd – Bill Moyers’ Journal Discusses Single-Payer


This Friday, Bill Moyers’ Journal discusses single-payer healthcare.

Guests include Donna Smith (California Nurses Association), Dr. Sidney Wolfe (Public Citizen) and Dr. David Himmelstein (Physicians for a National Health Program).

You can look up the dates/times for your area here.

If you just-by-chance do not  know about the Single Payer Heathcare Reform movement, I suggest you watch this show!   If you want a brief overview, watch this video first! (link)  If you like what you saw in the video, please learn how you can help to make this a reality – time is CRITICAL!   Visit the Healthcare-now and The Physicians for a National Health Program web sites.    




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