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Archive for May 16th, 2009

What if the fire department was run like the health insurance?

If the health insurance companies are left in the mix with reform – what changes?   If you want to see what real change and cost effective health care could be, then click on this this link and watch the Single Payer video! 

If this meets with you approval, then please HELP make it happen!

Now – Call, write or e-mail your representatives and tell them they need to support Single Payer  HR676.    LINK

And– Call or Fax Senator Max Baucus and tell him that SINGLE PAYER is too on the table!   Phone: (202) 224-2651 (Office)     (202) 224-9412 (Fax)

And one more– Call President Obama at the White House (202-456-1414 or  202- 456-1111) and tell him Single Payer is not for later, the time is NOW

Visit the Healthcare-Now and  the Physicians for a National Health Program web sites to learn more!

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