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Against the will of the American people!

ron-pollackRon Pollack identifies himself as a consumer advocate, and is the executive director of Families USA.

karn-ignagniKaren Ignagni represents the health insurance industry.

On Thursday at 3 p.m., Ron Pollack will join Karen Ignagni in a live web chat to discuss “health reform.”

The live web chat is sponsored by The Campaign for an American Solution.  The Campaign for an American Solution is a fake grassroots group created by the health insurance industry.   The idea is that we can’t have single payer because it’s not American.

Or as Senator Max Baucus put it when asked about single payer last month – “We have come up with a uniquely American solution which is a combination of public and private, because we are America.”  

But there is a uniquely American solution and it’s called single payer (HR6 676)  and it has 76 members of the House who support it.


The above are highlights from:  Standing Against Single Payer -My Ron Pollack Problem – and Yours
by Russell Mokhiber //

(Read the whole story)

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