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Archive for April 29th, 2009

Senator Arlen Specter Switching to Democratic Party

The move brings Democrats to 59 seats in the Senate, just one shy of the 60 they need to exert filibuster proof control over the chamber.

The republican party is basically dead when Franken is certified the winner. The democratic party will be able to force through any agenda they want and no one can stop them.   No resistance…   This new democratic super majority is far more powerful than the the republican majority a few years ago… 

Let’s us all hope that they use this opportunity wisely…   And, they should all thank George and Dick for setting them up so nicely!

So now that they have all this free wielding power and no one can stop them, I must ask why is it that Single Payer is not being  allowed as a consideration in the health-care reform agenda?   –  The Answer!

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