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Archive for April 25th, 2009

As economy plummets, child abuse escalates?

emergencyChild Abuse Escalates as Parents Face Overwhelming Economic Stress

Sometimes it’s an overwhelming sense of stress on the parents’ part.  Sometimes it’s the overwhelming press of poverty.  And sometimes it’s the overwhelming sense of hopelessness compounded by the absence of humility enough to ask for help.  It doesn’t really matter what the overwhelming emotion, medical records are proving that, as adults are becoming more deeply engulfed by the ravages of the economic recession, the very youngest members of the family are paying dearly.

As the nation’s economy has plummeted, child abuse has escalated…

– Unfortunately, as the recession lingers, the numbers are increasing everywhere.
– It’s not just hospitals noticing this heartbreaking trend; of 607 sheriffs, chiefs of police, and district attorneys responding to a nationwide poll, 88% of them acknowledged an expectation of increased child abuse cases in their jurisdictions.

– the agencies overseeing these protective measures are becoming underfunded even as their case load is skyrocketing.   (Read the whole story)

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