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National Day of Action – May 30th

sp-protestMay 30:   National Day of Action
Events Being Planned Nationwide


The majority of Americans and physiciansagree:  We need a national, single-payer healthcare system.

Yet, Single-Payer healthcare is largely ignored as a viable option.

So, on May 30th, we’re organizing a Nationwide Day of Action. Join thousands of single-payer activists to say, “Healthcare, yes; Insurance companies, no,” and to show solidarity with demonstrations at the AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans, a private health insurance lobby) conference in San Diego.

For more information, or to see if there’s an event being planned in your community, visit   May 30th Page.   LINK

If you can not attend one of these events – Your HELP is still needed!

Call, write or e-mail your representatives and tell them they need to support Single Payer  HR676.    LINK

Call or Fax Senator Max Baucus and tell him that SINGLE PAYER is on the table!   Phone: (202) 224-2651 (Office)     (202) 224-9412 (Fax)

Call President Obama at the White House (202-456-1414 or  202- 456-1111) and tell him Single Payer is not for later, the time is NOW!

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