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Archive for April 15th, 2009

Single Payer Health Proposals are Being Blacklisted – Ask Why!

“Your Ass Isn’t Covered!”

Most other industrialized countries ban insurance companies from making a profit on health care.  What is wrong in the United States?

bribesDo our “elected” lawmaker’s  have the political will to do anything?  Talk is cheap and that’s all we hear…  I use the term elected loosely since it is grossly apparent that the influential health insurance and phama contributions received by many make it impossible for them to act…   Or should I say, in your behalf!

Call, write or e-mail your representatives and tell them they need to support Single Payer  HR676!   Ask them why Single Payer is being Blacklisted from the Presidential Health Forum’s…   Ask them how many contributions they received from health insurance and pharma companies ?  (LINK)

Call President Oboma at the White House (202-456-1414 or  202- 456-1111) and tell him Single Payer is not for later, the time is NOW!   Over 50% of the US population and physician’s support Single Payer! 

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