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Dewey Square Group – Medicare Advantage Scheme is Outrageous

medicare-3Elderly used as front in letter-writing campaign

‘Grass-roots’ effort looks more like Astroturf

By Ken Johnson / Eagle-Tribune /April 13th, 2009 4:23 pm


Across Massachusetts, senior citizens are writing letters to newspapers demanding that their representatives in Congress protect a form of health insurance called Medicare Advantage.

At least that’s what newspaper editors are supposed to think.   Some of those seniors are unaware that they have sent any such letters to newspapers.   Some of them hadn’t even heard of Medicare Advantage.   “I did not write a letter to the editor. It’s not from me,” said Gloria Gosselin, 75, of Lawrence.

The tip-off

A tip-off to the true origin of the letters came when The Eagle-Tribune received a call from a man who turned out to be an intern at the Boston office of the Dewey Square Group, a national political marketing and consulting firm.

Insurers fight back

Health insurers are fighting what would be a huge hit to their bottom lines. Their strategy: Get seniors talking to members of Congress about the importance of Medicare Advantage.     (Read the entire story)

My ThoughtsYou Need to be an Informed Consumer!

This is just one more example of how low the health insurance industry will stoop to keep the money rolling in.  This industry has NO business being associated with health-care.   They provide NOTHING!

Do you need a real Helath Plan that you can afford?