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Archive for April 7th, 2009

President Obama & Senator Baucus – Wake Up!

And you say Single Payer health reform bills are off the table?    Wake-up!    Are you so removed from what is going on in this country that you can continue down the mis-guided path of subsidizing the for-profit health insurance industry with our tax dollars, and then call it reform …   In God’s name what are you people thinking?    The insurance industry does not provide “anything” for the patient or the health-care provider!   They make money by denying care!   The voting majority in this counrty knows that now, why don’t you?

Take a few minutes and watch this 60 minutes piece.   How can you believe that throwing away our tax dollars at an industry that does “nothing” will help?

Nevada budget cuts due to financial crisis are murdering cancer patients across the state.

Do you need an Affordable Health Plan?