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Something is Wrong at PBS


The producers of the Frontline piece, Sick Around the America had a point of view – they want to keep the for-profit health insurance companies in the game.  Have they also been influenced by the corporate interests as most of the rest of our media options have, and our elected representatives have?   I suppose the contributions are just too great to ignore? 


Something is Rotten at PBS /

By Russell Mokhiber for Counter Punch

Last year, former Washington Post reporter T.R. Reid made a great documentary for the PBS show Frontline titled Sick Around the World.  Reid traveled to five countries that deliver health care for all – UK, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan – to learn about how they do it.  Reid found that the one thing these five countries had in common – none allowed for-profit health insurance companies to sell basic medical coverage. 
Frontline then said to Reid – okay, we want you to go around the United States and make a companion documentary titled Sick Around the America.  So, Reid traveled around America, interviewing patients, doctors, and health insurance executives.  The documentary that resulted – Sick Around America – aired Monday night on PBS.  But even though Reid did the reporting for the film, he was cut out of the film when it aired this week.  And the film didn’t present Reid’s bottom line for health care reform – don’t let health insurance companies profit from selling basic health insurance…   

But it’s not perfectly reasonable to mislead the American people on national television in the middle of a health care crises when Congress is shaping legislation that will mean life or death for the for-profit health insurance industry.   (Read the entire story)

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