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Archive for April 3rd, 2009

Blacklisting – by the Health Insurance industry

rxJust one more  example of how health insurers secretly blacklist you…

Some health insurance companies will automatically reject health insurance applicants who are using certain prescription drugs.

Medications are indications of specific health problems. To ensure that applicants are not lying on their applications, the insurers will hire a data-gathering service.

Prominent Data Gathering Services:
Medical Information Bureau  /  Milliman’s Intelliscript   /  Ingenix Medpoint

The health care financing systems in other countries are designed to benefit patients in their health care. The US Veterans administration is a good example of how computerized systems work  and provide benefit’s for both the patient and the provider.  On the other hand, the US for profit insurance industries computerized searches of ones personal drug histories are great examples of how they remove risk, maintain profits, and avoid paying for the patients’ health care. 

UnitedHealth’s Ingenix is a key player in this computerized abuse. They recently reached a settlement for cheating patients and physicians through another data scheme to underpay for legitimate services, again protecting the insurers profits.

What can you do to protect yourself?   Get in involved now!  Get the for profit health insurance industry out of the business of health-care.  They provide NO benefit to you the patient or the health-care provider.  This is your opportunity to DENY them!   To learn more; watch the video link on Single Payer (link), then visit Healthcare-Now (link), and the Physicians for a National Health Plan web site (link).  You can make a difference!

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