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Archive for April 2nd, 2009

Bank executives might get the Rick Wagoner treatment…

timothy-geithnerOusting bailed-out U.S. bank CEOs an option: Geithner

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Treasury

Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Wednesday he would consider forcing out chief executives of banks that receive government bailouts if they were not managing their businesses properly.

In an interview with CBS, Geithner said economic recovery depends on a financial system that effectively provides credit, and the government would hold companies receiving public aid accountable.

When asked whether he left open the option to pressure a bank CEO to resign, Geithner responded, “Of course. Of course.”  (read the entire story)

I have to admit – This is a   “REAL CHANGE”   to the status quo!   Another great take on this “change” is Michael Moore’s Article today (LINK)

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