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Urgent message to single payer supporters

trumanUrgent message to single payer supporters Join us for Obama regional governor’s health care summit in Vermont to Insist on Single Payer


Vermont Governor Jim Douglas and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick have been asked by President Obama to host a regional New England health care summit at the University of Vermont on March 17th. We do not expect to be invited not do we expect single payer to be considered.

At the recent White House summit on health reform the first person to speak at the close of the forum was the head of the American Health Insurers Plans. The rest of those in attendance were mostly lobbyists from special interest groups. The single payer view was all but excluded.

In fact, no single payer advocate was invited until thousands of messages reached the White House, including word that doctors were going to protest on the sidewalk. At the end of the day prior to the summit, the White House quickly invited a solitary physician to represent the view of a large majority of physicians and a overwhelming majority of Americans: we need single payer national health insurance now.

When it comes to the debate in Washington, DC, single payer stands ignored, like the elephant in the room, in spite of all of the evidence that it saves money, contains future spending, will include everyone and will improve the economy. But with the last minute invitation to the White House we learned an important lesson:

We can make a difference! Right now we are the marginalized majority. We might expect this treatment from the Bush administration. But it is unforgivable from President Obama. The majority of Americans want a single payer health care system in the United States. The majority of doctors want single payer. The President has promised an open, transparent process, with all proposals considered. It is time to insist that single payer be a part of this process.

We are organizing a peaceful and respectful protest in front of the summit meeting at the University of Vermont Davis Center in Burlington, Vermont at 12 noon. If there ever was a day to drop what you are doing and come, this is it. There will be national and local media there. We need hundreds of people to come from all over New England and New York. We urge health professionals to come and bring your white coats and stethoscopes.

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