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When exactly will health reform happen?

single-payerAs chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Max Baucus holds the keys to health-care reform; any health-care legislation must pass through his committee. So what he says or doesn’t say is important to those following the twists and turns of the congressional effort to fix our health-care system…

One thing Baucus has been consistent about is his aversion for a single payer system, and CQ presented that message to its readers. CQ reported that, when a questioner asked about single payer, Baucus said: “It may come later but it’s not going to happen in America [any time soon].”

“We’re a different country. We’re constituted differently than European countries,” Baucus said. “There’s more of an entrepreneurial sense [in the United States]. So we’ve got to come up with a uniquely American result. And a uniquely American result will be a combination of public and private insurance.”            Read the whole story (link)

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