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Un-employed – Check out Career Day with Todd

If you haven’t been exposed yet to Odd Todd, may I suggest that you visit his web-site.   (LINK)   Todd has done exceptional job of identifying the self-esteem, motivation, and psychological issues that one encounters when laid off , out of work and unable to find work…    As it turns out the real Todd, creating these comics (while unemployed) and posting them on his web-site has gained quite a following!  Likely a lot of un-employed folks (myself included) that too much time, and get distracted from sending out resumes and the like… 

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MRSA more deadly than AIDs ?

Interesting statistics, 85%  of MRSA cases are being acquired from hospitals and medical facilities!   Isn’t this where you go to get well?   There are a number of non-traditional treatments that are available, and some appear to have very good results.  A company in the UK, Allicin International has developed a process to produce stabilized allicin – natures’ anti-microbial agent from garlic.  They even go so far as to test each lot against MRSA before being shipped.  There are also companies marketing diet treatments and other treatments available using  silver.   Since it reported that the over-use of traditional antibiotics is part of the problem, and dirty medical facilities being another.  I would not discount the alternative treatments  available.   With the death rate climbing, it would seem apparent that the BIG Pharma firms don’t have the solution…!   Be aware of this issue!

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January 25, 2009 at 2:12 am