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Archive for January 23rd, 2009

Frost Nixon Interview – Do you Remember?

Since I am un-employed these days (a lot  us of are) I have the luxury of flexibility in my day!   Today I went to the theater for a mid day showing of  FROST / NIXON.  This is not a movie review, however, I would recommend it!   What startled me the most was that it was so reminiscent of the last eight years of George Bush’s Presidential term.  Nixon was forced into resigning, where as George was allowed to let his term expire.  In so far as the significance of crimes committed against the Constitution, of Dick versus George… I would suggest that George’s alleged crimes are ,to a far greater extent!   I can only hope that the current President will not do as Gerald Ford did, by granting a pardon to George and his administration for their alleged crimes.  I do think it is now important to move forward, but I also feel that no President is above the law and should be as accountable, as you or I. 

If you have’t seen the movie yet, do so, see what you think?!?

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Consumer Fraud in Healthcare? Duh!

Another fine example of how the cards are all stacked in favor of the Health Insurance company!    What they do best, is make BIG profits providing consumers with a feel good sense of security, until they really need help…  They control the stacked deck all the way to the law makers in Washington DC …    Let’s put healthcare back into the hands of healthcare providers!

Please take the time to learn about  Single Payer HR676  and support real reform without Health Insurance Company thugs and thieves…

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