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Healthcare Crisis – Why Not HR676 Single Payer?

For those who would argue that the HR 676 single payer is socialized plan, I would argue that health insurance companies are for-profit.  If you intend to keep the profit margins high, you deny care.    I would suggest for those that hold the position that healthcare services should not be  socialized, (ooohh! scary word, defined – tax aprobation) to reconsider!

Healthcare should not be for sale!   Only those who can afford it are allowed to live?!?  People are dying everyday at the hands of for-profit insurance companies!  People are dying everyday because they can’t afford health insurance!   People are dying everyday because they can’t afford available treatment.  These are not a few, they are thousands, they are growing in masses every day, and they are your loved ones.   They are your neighbors, your co-workers and your relatives…

I ask for your support, so please write, phone, or visit your federal, state and community representatives and encourage an open and honest dialogue on single payer HR 676.  (LINK)  The time is now and your support is essential to stop the unecessary deaths of thousands!


Need facts – go to The Physicians for a National Health Plan or

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