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McCain tries to tame flames he earlier fanned!

Shame on you Senator McCain & Governor Palin for this!    There are real issues that can be discussed; health-care, the economic meltdown, the energy crisis, the wars, no money for education, wall street corruption, CEO bailouts, home foreclosures, the national deficit, etc, etc…    Do you folks feel so desperate that you need to be fueling on peoples fears over  what you know to be lies?   What on earth is wrong with you folks?    Please stop this!   Conduct yourselves with some degree of integrity!   Is this really how you want your campaign to be remembered?    This is not what our counrty needs now!   How on earth can you imply that you can bring partisanship to Washington when you display and lower yourselves to school yard name calling?   I am ashamed for you!    Please STOP!


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October 12, 2008 at 11:42 pm

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