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France versus America – Taxes


I bet you didn’t realize that a typical American family pays more in taxes than the typical French family!   The reason its not fully understood, is in the details of the definition of the word “tax”.  Case in point take a French couple with two children versus an American couple with two children;  the American couple pays 19% and the French couple pays 22%.  Now what does the French family receive for their tax investment that the American family doesn’t?   The extra cost for these benefits to the American family can be enormous!  Get your calculator out, and add up the cost for the benefits below, then factor these into your tax rate percentage.  WOW!  I think that America needs to re-evaluate tax structures and what they receive in return!

Beneifits & services included in France’s income tax:

  • Free health-care
  • Free (or virtually free) child care
  • Free tuition at every university
  • Four months minimum maternity leave
  • Mandatory 30 days paid vacation (full pay)
  • Unlimited sick days at full pay for all citizens

“No wonder we’re mad.  Meanwhile, the French are having sex.”  (Mike’s Election Guide 2008, by Michael Moore)

Where can you find out more about this comparison and just how the French can afford this, when America is the richest nation on the planet?   You can go the book store and and pick up a copy of Michael Moore’s new book; Mike’s Election Guide 2008 !


Written by jointefforthost

October 5, 2008 at 5:57 am