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NO Bailout !

PLEASE – Write your representatives now and tell them, NO Bailout !
Link – Click HERE

This proposed bailout is the BIGGEST sham in my lifetime!
COME ON PEOPLE – Ask yourself: Is this right?   

  • How many pages are in your home loan documents?  I bet more than 3.
  • I thought the home was the collateral when foreclosed upon, the banks still have the assets, yes ?
  • The banks also have the PMI (private mortgage insurance) @ 20%?  That should cover the difference!  If not, they will sue you the homeowner for any shortfall…  So what’s the problem?
  •  Last month there was no crisis?
  • When you lost your job, did you get a multi million dollar package?
  • The country has a health care crisis, where is the rush to ensure that no more Americans don’t die every day as a result? 
  • If you write hot checks, you go to jail?
  • Would the Fed bail out McDonalds, Wal Mart, Home Depot, etc…   if they failed to manage their companies?
  • I could go on & on & on…    

Frankly – the argument presented by the Fed Chairman is arrogant and bull crap!  He said the taxpayer was on the hook either way…  So I suggest if I ‘m on the hook either way, then the responsible firms should suffer the consequences along with me.  And, if they broke the law stealing from the shareholders, then they should go to prison.   Better yet, this falls into economic terrorism, the offender’s should go to Cuba along with the other terrorist. 

Please take a few minutes and let your voice be heard!   It’s your Money!

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September 24, 2008 at 4:17 pm

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